music elevator

music elevator

An interactive audio-system for elevators

  • QT Hotels, in collaboration with Michiel Waaijer
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Melbourne, Australia

For the QT hotels in Sydney and Melbourne we created a system that was built into several elevators that tracks the number of people in the elevator and changes the music as a response.

Once the doors close and the elevator starts moving a new ‘session’ is started and the music in the elevator changes. The audio also reacts to people walking in and out and also features a range of easter egg sound effects which can be discovered by the visitors

Currently we have two versions running:

The amount of people influence the music directly: from a single person being confronted with being alone, to duo’s getting a more romantic theme song and all the way up to groups of people who trigger upbeat party-like music.

The elevator has a time-depended soundtrack and each elevator has it’s own voiced character (French, British, Eastern European) which comments on the people entering and leaving, asking them questions and giving them tasks to do.

The system was created using OpenCV, openFrameworks, which was later replaced with Cinder for the Melbourne build, and Ableton Live for the audio playback.

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