dior homme

dior homme

An interactive installation in which customers can learn about the making of the classic Dior Homme jacket.

  • Random Studio / Dior
  • Paris
  • Milan
  • Hong Kong
  • Tokyo

I was asked to create the software for this interactive installation for Dior. The instalation consists of 3 high-resolution displays, 1 LED display and 1 iPad to navigate through all the content.

On the iPad the visitor can move through the different steps of making a Dior Homme jacket and see different details and videos on both the iPad and the screens.

When swiping from step to step on the iPad a vertical line swipes over all the screens to the next scene, as if they are actually part of one large screen, all perfectly synced to the motion on the iPad.

The system uses a custom Cinder application and a custom Cordova iOS app. A Datapath x4 was used to control the screens and LED display. The Hap Codec was used to speed up rendering for displaying and transitioning multiple 4K videos.

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